Fiber-Optic Cabling

Send and receive information faster, more reliably, and through longer distances with lightweight, state-of-the-art cabling

Fast, reliable, and highly secure — these are some of the characteristics that make Fiber-Optic Cabling perfect for IT infrastructures of all sizes. What’s more, the lightweight and compact design of Fiber-Optic Cabling also make it ideal for projects where space and weight are critical.

Enertron’s cabling solutions are cost-effective and scalable as they only use a small fraction of the potential carrying-capacity of the fiber. Which means as the demand for resources increases, the wiring can be upgraded to match it without an additional installation fee.


“A traditional network cable requires special shielding to protect it from electromagnetic interference. But, the physical properties of fiber-optic protect it from interference.”

Some advantages of Enertron’s Fiber-Optic solutions:

  • Extremely high bandwidth - the volume of data that fiber-optic cables transmit per second than other cables
  • More coverage - optics-based cables are more energy efficient, which enables signals to travel further
  • Low security risk - because data and signals are transmitted via light and fiber-optic transmission, there is no way for intruders to “listen in”