Meet The Leadership

We are a team of dedicated professionals, ready to do whatever it takes to make your business grow


Joe LaFrance


Enertron founder Joe LaFrance has over 30 years of experience in the IT industry. While managing cabling projects, he recognized that there was a need for IT management in the small-to-medium-sized-business market. In 1988, he decided to leverage large IT departments’ best practices into a business model to meet SMB needs with the belief that every organization, no matter the size, should have their own IT department.

Joe believes in helping people any way he possibly can. He makes it a point to understand his clients’ needs so that Enertron can provide a solution tailored to each client, giving each one the benefit of a personal experience.


Jason Bigham

Partner & V.P. of Technology

Jason originally founded Jabtech in 2005, which was acquired by Enertron in 2019. He's an industry expert, entrepreneur and natural influencer. Day-to-day, he steers our technology and relationships with clients, provides executive presence, sales and account management at the highest levels.

He truly cares about his team and Enertron's customers. He believes the best technology services come from supporting our client’s needs, not from supporting the needs of the technology. Proving that if you get the relationship and context right, technology can be an accelerator instead of a roadblock.


Sara Lorenzo

V.P. & Director Business Operations

Sara is responsible for the supervision and direction of all finance and marketing activities. She received a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, a Master’s degree in Computer and Information Systems, and a Master’s in Business Administration from University of Detroit Mercy. Her drive and commitment to help clients achieve their goals has been a major contributor to Enertron’s growth and development.


Michael Spalding

V.P. & Director Managed Services

Mike coordinates and manages our sales and operations teams. He is a seasoned executive with nearly 30 years of experience in operations management. Prior to joining Enertron, Mike helped build a small private company into a 14-location, 7-data-center organization covering North and South America. Mike’s diverse skill set and expertise makes him an invaluable part of Enertron.


Michael Green

Director – IT

Mike oversees the development and training of the IT team, approaching every project with positivity and tenacity. Graduating from University of Detroit Mercy with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, he understands the importance of aligning business objectives and processes with the technology to facilitate them.