Microsoft 365

Move your business to Microsoft 365 to enable your teams to work from anywhere, improve collaboration, and increase productivity. Enertron will set up your Microsoft 365 cloud platform, handle the entire migration process, and provide training to help your employees make the most of Microsoft 365.


Access your projects anytime and anywhere

Since your projects and data are always stored in the cloud, you can access them anytime and anywhere with Microsoft 365. Enertron grants access to employees through specific login details or to whitelisted devices as per your request, to keep your business network secure. Collaborate and work safely with your team with Microsoft 365.


Microsoft Office is now in the cloud

You can use cloud versions of Microsoft’s Office suite, which means you don’t have to learn any new software. With Microsoft 365, you can make the most out of these productivity apps:

  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Outlook
  • Microsoft Teams

Save money on hardware and maintenance costs

By moving to Microsoft 365, you no longer need to invest in expensive PCs because you can get your work done on laptops, tablets, and other mobile devices instead. Microsoft 365’s low technical requirements means you will save big on hardware purchasing and maintenance costs.


Microsoft 365 Support

Enertron’s support team is standing by to help you with any issues related to your Microsoft 365 platform. Get in touch with us and we’ll help you resolve the issue quickly so you can get back to work fast.