The CompleteCare Experience

When something goes wrong with your network, everything in your business comes to an immediate halt, costing you productivity and profitability. The support you receive with our CompleteCare Experience breaks your business out of the break/fix rut and makes things right before they go wrong, providing the preventative maintenance you need to avoid costly downtime.

CompleteCare Experience includes…


Infrastructure Maturity Audit

We evaluate every aspect of your IT infrastructure to clearly understand the condition of your assets and how to maximize them. We use this understanding to establish priorities, timelines, and budgets for any necessary updates.


Software Management

We provide you with key software elements, keeping them current and optimized.

  • Hosted Exchange email with spam filtering
  • Hosted Microsoft Office 365(Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook) including remote access
  • Managed anti-virus and malware
  • Hosted StorageCraft and cloud backup
  • Complete Software Inventory Management

Remote Monitoring and Maintenance

We manage the stability and usability of your network 24/7 to maximize efficiency, providing…

  • Oversight of workstations, servers, routers, firewalls, printers, and other network devices
  • Patch and security update management to automatically update software
  • Network monitoring to control critical items, identifying and preemptively resolving potential issues
  • Hardware and software inventories to track Linux, Mac, and Windows operating systems and loaded applications
  • Threat management through event log monitoring and immediate remediation of critical issues

Virtual Chief Technology Officer

Most organizations that find their IT solutions in outside sources do not have a Chief Technology Officer or designated staff member. With Enertron, you do now. You’ll have the benefit of our nearly three decades of technology experience to…

  • Educate and train employees to fully utilize technology assets
  • Receive consultations including quarterly and annual reports on IT activity and infrastructure status
  • Monitor IT trends and how they affect your organization
  • Budgeting and lifecycle management

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Don’t let an annoyance become a catastrophe. Backup your work and ensure that any network problem is a mitigated inconvenience.

  • Fully encrypted backup to keep your data safe and secure
  • Seamlessly continue operations in the face of any problem
  • Disaster recovery/business continuity assistance to continue operations during an outage

Help Desk Support

A real person giving real help to users for any and all technology issues.

  • First call resolution
  • Remote diagnosis and repair
  • After hours support options
  • Workstation, server, network, and communication engineers available

Cloud Storage

If hosting a server is a problem for you, we have a state of the art data center featuring…

  • Unlimited capability and resources in a controlled environment
  • Connectivity as a node on a national fiber backbone
  • Secure key card access and fire protection
  • Multiple internet connections
  • Failover options

Office 365

When you can’t be in the office, take the office with you. Office 365 combines Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel, among other business tools, and makes them available in a secure online destination with virtually any device, allowing you to work wherever your work takes you.


Spam Protection

Secure your email against spam, phishing, viruses, and other malware. It’s not just a matter of convenience. It protects your business against the losses that come with downtime and corrupted assets.


Server & Desktop Upgrade & Migration

Your business needs high-performing hardware and the latest software to ensure your employees have the tools they need to work more efficiently. As part of Enertron’s CompleteCare Experience, our technicians will keep your servers and desktops up to date and assist with any data migration needed to ensure everything works seamlessly.