Structured Cabling

The foundation of every high-performance network is built on a solid network infrastructure

From cabling blueprints and audits to new construction and expansions, Enertron can do it all

Structured cabling is often neglected when setting up network infrastructures. However, it is critical to a well-functioning communication system. After all, how can you continue business processes when the wiring is faulty?

Enertron’s expertise and experience means we are capable of delivering numerous structured network cabling solutions, including voice, video, and data systems, and our time-tested business practices guarantee successful results and minimal downtime. One of the best practices when it comes to structured cabling, is being sure to use a manufacturing certified installer.


“Over half of all network outages are caused by sub-standard and improper cabling.”

“Enertron is a manufacturer certified partner of the network products it installs. This means Enertron is not only capable, but accredited to perform the work we do.”

This warranty covers the complete repair or replacement of any cabling or interconnectivity product installed by Enertron during the life of the installation. “The life of the installation” is defined as the span of time from when the customer accepts the installation until one or more of the following events come to pass

  • The customer sells the building housing the installation
  • The installation is vandalized
  • The building housing the installation is destroyed or damaged by fire, weather, or acts of terrorism or war
  • The customer alters or modifies the original installation with internal personnel or assistance from an outside contractor The customer stops using the installation

The customer must agree to permit Enertron the opportunity to inspect and perform maintenance on the installation annually. This maintenance is to ensure that the structure is still intact and conforms to the original installation specifications. During this annual inspection, Enertron will perform required maintenance at no charge to the customer, assuming conditions of this warranty have been met.