Category Cabling (CAT)

This industry-standard cabling is great for high-quality audio, television, satellite, and broadband communications

Small- and medium-sized businesses rely heavily on cabling. With increasingly complex systems and the proliferation of safety compliance frameworks, the implementation, integration, and maintenance of cabling is more critical than before. Rest assured, Enertron’s experts will handle that for you. With an array of options, you’ll be able to fine-tune your network performance.

We’ll also offer expert advice on which cabling solution is best for your business objectives and needs


“With 30 years of experience, we are qualified to design your communication transport systems and related infrastructure, ensuring a well-designed start to the rest of your network.”

Enertron Category Cabling solutions cover all your needs:

  • Category 1 Cables - For legacy telephone systems
  • Category 2 Cables - For legacy teletype and fax communications
  • Category 3 Cables - For computer networking and telephone wiring
  • Category 5 Cables - For computer networking and telephony applications
  • Category 6 Cables - For digital video applications and Ethernet