DMS Integration

Whether your dealership is using Dealertrak, CDK, Reynolds & Reynolds or one of the many other DMS systems, you realize just how key this software is to your success. This software is what your business uses for all of its daily operations, for everything from inventory tracking to CRM. Learn how to keep your DMS up and running to its full potential.

Strong Foundation. Sound Results.

Ethernet cables come in a wide variety of types and standards. These cables are commonly referred to as CAT cables (short for Category). Choosing the right CAT cable makes a big difference in all facets of your IT performance, from speed to interference.

Dealership Security

The Equifax data breach is expected to affect approximately 143 million Americans. This prompts the question, “How could this have happened, and could it have been prevented?” Fortunately, the answer is known. Equifax failed to enact core security practices and was hacked as a result.

Mobile Device Security

We all know that there is potential for your PC/laptop to get hacked, but how often do you think about your smart phone? With mobile devices becoming increasingly sophisticated and commonly used, it is imperative to protect your device against hackers – not just for your personal data, but to protect your company as well.

The Connected Car

The Connected Car now has over 100M lines of code. Embedded Software is now deeply integrated into everything from the engine to the tires, and with it comes software updates. Software failures are now estimated to account for nearly 15% of all recalls.

Scalability Principles

When you think of growth, what comes to mind? Is it sales? Maybe it’s company size or how many employees you have. IT scalability probably isn’t the first thing that comes up, but as an organization grows, IT has to grow with it. That’s why creating an IT infrastructure that’s designed for scalability proves to be an invaluable asset.

Keep Your Inbox Safe

Imagine this. You accidentally open up an email, thinking it’s an important message. Turns out, it contains a virus. Instead of the virus infecting only your computer, the message gets forwarded to all of your co-workers. Since the email is coming from you (their trusted co-worker), they assume it’s safe and open the email.

Get a Boost From Better IT

The evolution of business and the information technology it uses go hand in hand. Businesses are continuing to push the realm of discovery and innovation by applying IT to virtually every aspect of their operations. Whether your company is a small business or a large organization, how you apply IT has a huge impact on your company’s success.

Staying Skilled in the World of IT

Businesses across the United States are predicting an increase in their 2017 IT needs and spending, driven by their need to better leverage the latest technological advances. Making sure you have the skills to adopt these new technologies is more important than ever.

Keep Your Head in the Cloud

Imagine this. There’s been a fire at your company’s headquarters, and the servers that store all of your critical information were destroyed. How do you recover your lost data and keep your business running with minimal interruption while you rebuild?

With cloud backup, your data is safe, secure, and easily recovered.